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So, it appears when the Unifying receiver is either plugged into the back panel USB port or placed flat against the panel with the port, the stuttering problem returns to some degree. Any.

06 May 2018 #3. It has a rechargeable battery. I just charged it 2-3 days ago and Logitech Options is reporting that the battery is full. I usually charge it fairly frequently (once/week or so). Sensor is clean and the surface area is clean (the hospital cleans it frequently). I do not use a mouse pad though.

I use a Logi MX Master 3, started lagging and stuttering on bluetooth, before the same was happening with a Dell bluetooth mouse. It all goes away when used with a dongle. This happens on a MacBook Pro 2021 with the M1 Pro, currently with MacOs Monterey 12.5. And with the Dell mouse I can certainly say it wasn't happening on a Lenovo laptop.

We can see if this is the issue by moving the mouse and keyboard closer to the Logitech receiver connected to the docking station to see if this helps to improve the behavior. Replacing the batteries in the keyboard and mouse can help, depleted batteries will have weaker signal strength and can cause reduced performance especially at range.

Maybe this is impacting in performance. Sometimes all of a sudden the processes (especially WindowServer and kernel_task) start consuming a hella load. That usually makes the mouse problem start happening. Can anyone help me on that? It's been such a pain specs: OpenCore 7.0 iMac19,1 i9 9900k z390i Aorus Wifi Edhawk Moderator Joined Aug 2, 2013.

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Several temporary glitches like irregular mouse cursor, laggy mouse input can be fixed by restarting your Mac. To do this, click > Restart. 4. Turn off the mouse and turn it back on. If your Mouse has a button to turn it off, please do that. In case it doesn't, move its pairing button to the off position.

Buy Logitech M337 Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, 1000 DPI Laser Grade Optical Sensor, 10-Month Battery Life, ... although it looks more toy-ish than a 2000-rupee mouse. Connects easily to both Mac and PC (youll need to re-set up for each device) and works without any stutters at all on most surfaces. ... and works without any stutters at all on. Follow these steps to disable Wi-Fi Bluetooth Collaboration to fix Bluetooth mouse lag. Press "Windows key + R" to open the Run dialog box. Type "ncpa.cpl" and press Enter. Double-click on your Wi-Fi network adapter. Click the "Properties" button. Click the "Configure" button under the Network tab. Go to the "Advanced" tab.